Who We Are and What We Do

GATEway Mission

  • Advocate for appropriate curriculum, stimulating programs, and academic challenges for all students.

  • Collaborate with the Rochester Public School administration, school board, teachers, and district personnel on issues of concern to parents of gifted students.

  • Sponsor educational events which encourage all students to express their interests and talents in academics and the arts.

  • Inform parents and the community about the unique learning needs of gifted students.

  • Provide opportunities for families of gifted students to connect with each other.

  • Lobby for appropriate local and state funding and support of gifted education.

GATEway Board

Co-Presidents: Lisa Wojcik

Ginny Amundson

Past President: Melissa Amundsen

Secretary: Tina Wood-Wentz

Treasurer: Dee Voldal

Membership: (open)

Science Fair: Committee

Programs: (open)

Website/Facebook: Dee Voldal (acting-open)

Communications: (open)

District Gifted

Services Liaison: Monica Bowler

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We have monthly Board meeting that open to members and non-members alike. Details are posted on our Calendar and Facebook page. Drop in as your schedule allows. Anyone interested is welcome and encouraged to come! Children able to stay quietly engaged may attend with a parent.